Free/Easy 750 United Mileage Plus Points

I just noticed that my United Mileage Plus account went up by 750 miles last night. Curious, I went to the activity report to find out why. As it turns out, I signed up for a promotion and forgot about it. The upside of that is that it gets a blog post so that maybe you can take advantage of it, too.

It turns out that MyPoints has a promotion that allows new subscribers to get 750 miles added to their Mileage Plus accounts after 30 days of “active” membership. The definition of “active” is not spelled out in the terms and conditions, but I’ve been receiving their emails and clicking on the click-thru links to accumulate points to spend on travel-related expenses; so, that must be enough. FWIW, I’ve built up just over 600 points in that 30-day timespan. Below are some of the lower-tier redemptions that you can get with these points:

  • 4,000 points for a $25 Hyatt certificate
  • 6,850 for a $50 Marriott certificate
  • 5,200 for 2,500 United Mileage Plus miles
  • 4,600 for a $25 prepaid Visa

So, my 600 points are not enough for anything, but in 4-6 more months like that, I’ll be able to redeem them for something… and it’s not a lot of effort to click things. Just use an email dedicated to “spam-like” stuff and there’s not even any worries about too much email.



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