Coke Twist Txt Win = Pretty Good Odds :)

As you know, I am a regular participant in the MyCoke Rewards program. This programs gets you points for the codes found on lids of Coke products (or inside the cases). The points can then be redeemed for a variety of things. Mine have almost all been redeemed for Priority Club points (to the tune of about 25,000 of them). Recently, I became aware of a parallel program called MyCoke Twist Text Win. Using this program, you text your codes in instead of using the website (expect 2 texts per month of junk as a “cost” of the program). When you text your codes in, you are automatically entered into an instant win game and informed of your win/loss with a quick-response text. There is a “winner every 2 minutes.” The prizes vary, but to share my results on the 6 codes I have entered so far (there is a max of 2 per day):

  • Loss
  • Loss
  • Loss
  • Loss
  • WIN – $20 prepaid MasterCard (edo cash card)
  • WIN – 2 tickets to my choice of a local movie theater (up to $12 each)

That’s pretty good for only entering 6 codes. Oh, and don’t forget that you still get the 3 MCR points when you do it this way, so there’s no loss there. Good luck!



  1. #1 by cdmoye on August 5, 2011 - 5:06 pm

    The next 3 plays:
    * WIN – $20 fare coupon for Southwest Airlines
    * Loss
    * Loss

    That makes me 3-6 on my 9 plays (I mostly drink Sprite Zero). That’s a 33% win rate. Easy pickin’s.

  2. #2 by cdmoye on August 19, 2011 - 12:44 pm

    As an update, it’s been a looong dry spell. I’ve probably gone 0-15 in my last tries. I’ve seen this sort of thing posted elsewhere, too. Maybe they give you a bunch to start, then turn it off? Strange behavior, but at least I got 3 pairs of movie tix, a $20 prepaid MasterCard and $20 off of a Southwest flight 🙂

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