Do NOT Forget to Check :)

I should’ve known better. I had to make a $570.00 purchase on GoDaddy yesterday. I didn’t think about it and forgot to check evReward to see if I could pick up some miles/points with that purchase through a partner program.

For those who may not be familiar, evReward is a rewards aggregator site that allows you to search for a store where you would like to shop, then shows you all of the online shopping portals that partner with that retailer. It lists the frequent flyer plans, the hotel plans, the cashback plans, mypoints, you name it. There is a nicely laid-out table that allows you to compare it all and choose the partnership that best suits you. It doesn’t cost any extra, it just helps you find the best rewards for your purchase.

Typically I check it before making any online purchase, but I was in a hurry (trying to get to a meeting and didn’t want to forget the purchase) and I figured that GoDaddy probably didn’t partner with any airlines anyhow… Boy was I wrong. GoDaddy partners with Delta SkyMiles to the tune of 6 miles per dollar spent! That means that instead of just getting the 570 Starpoints that I got for making the purchase on my trusty Starwoods AmEx, I would have gotten those plus 3,420 SkyMiles miles. 3,420! Talk about kicking myself. Lesson learned. Learn it from me so that you don’t have to learn it from you.

Always, ALWAYS check evReward before making your purchases!


  1. #1 by cdmoye on August 5, 2011 - 3:11 pm

    As a follow-up, I went to today to see who is a good partner with Groupon. It turns out that American Airlines AAdvantage has a partnership with Groupon offering 8 miles per dollar. That is a very, very favorable ratio!

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