TopGuest for Easy Points

I started using TopGuest not too long ago (about 6 weeks according to my account history). I signed up and linked a couple of programs (Priority Club being the main one that I linked) just to get the 50-point signup bonuses that are offered for most programs. However, more and more I find it an easy way to rack up some extra points. My office is near a couple of Priority Club properties, and when I eat lunch out, there’s probably a property from another chain nearby. Simply checking in at these venues via foursquare or facebook Places nets me 50 points per day for each program associated with a hotel where I check in. Over the 6 weeks, here is what I’ve gotten for pretty much no work (just checking in):

That’s a cool 2,250 points, most of which are in one of my target plans just for clicking the checkin button on the foursquare app on my phone. Not too shabby.



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