Persistence Pays Off with CSRs

I found out today, via FlyerTalk, that American Express Membership Rewards is running a promotion (code 5721) that grants you 10,000 Membership Rewards points simply for adding an additional user to your card (up to 5 for 50,000 points!). I upgraded my AmEx Gold to an American Express Platinum back in May for a 50,000 point promo. (side note: I highly recommend the AmEx Platinum for the lounge access, GOES reimbursment and no foreign transaction fees.) I had added my wife as an additional user already; but decided it was worth it to try to have this promotion applied anyhow. Here are my results:

Call 1 – CSR who put me on hold for a while to see if she could get a “supervisor” to approve the promotion… I guessing she just needed a potty break. When she came back after about 10 minutes, she said she could not apply the promotion because my wife’s card was not new.

Call 2 – I called right back and got a much more bubbly CSR. Her “system had frozen” so she couldn’t access my account. Apparently she’s bit hit by today’s solar flare. She asked me to wait 30 minutes and call back.

Call 3 – On my third call (I called right back again), I got another rep that placed me on hold to research (I really hate the AmEx hold music. It’s only about 10 seconds long and plays on a loop). 8 minutes later she credited my account 10,000 points. Woo!

YMMV, but if you ever get an answer that you don’t like from a credit card CSR, be polite (so there are no negative notes), end the call and try again. Persistence usually works out for your benefit.


PS. Next up will be a trip report for a business trip to Gaithersburg, MD. Flying AA, renting through Hertz and staying in a hotel with no loyalty plan (don’t blame me, I didn’t book it!).


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