The Month in Review

I have decided to do (roughly) monthly postings near the end of each month that list out the things I did during that month to build up my loyalty accounts, and also what all has posted (from the current or previous months) during that month. My hope is that this will help others who are just getting started to track what was worth it and what wasn’t. My first cut at this will be in early October covering the month of September since I haven’t kept complete data for August. I do keep a spreadsheet (that I can also share if you’d like) that lists out my programs and tracks earnings that have not yet posted, but once they post, I delete the rows, so I need to change that behavior. Below is a sample of what what these posts will look like:

Date Program Activity Pending Points Due By Notes
8/16/2011 Delta SkyMiles 75 Miles deposited from e-Miles 75 8/23/2011 Should post by
8/15/2011 American Airlines AAdvantage Spent $113.99 at via shopping portal @ 3/$ 342 9/15/2011 Should post by
8/21/2011 American Airlines AAdvantage Spent $20 at Groupon via AAdvantage eShopping portal @ 8/$ 160 9/21/2011 Should post by
8/18/2011 Priority Club Rewards Allowed 3 texts/week for 500 points 500 10/4/2011 Cancellation Date

After that table, I will also lay out the changes in loyalty balances resulting from the earnings that month. In other words, what’s the bottom line for each program? It will look something like this:

Program Change Notes
Delta SkyMiles +75
American Airlines AAdvantage +342
US Airways Dividend Miles +31 Resulted in 12 minute phone call!

I think this will help me focus on what is working and what is not–as well as what was worth it and what was not. What do you think? Would this be helpful for you to see?



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