August 2011 in Review

I said I would start posting “The Month in Review” posts starting with the month of September. But, I thought I would float a trial balloon with the last week of August so that I could get the format right. Note, I didn’t list things like TopGuest, e-Miles, e-Rewards, MyPoints or My Coke Rewards. Those change pretty much most days, so it seems like noise. I will list transfers from those programs into “real” loyalty programs, so you’ll get the idea anyway. Also, I didn’t list things that happened in other family members’ accounts (even if I did them), because they would be mostly redundant with what happened in mine. Okay, here goes:

Points Posted During August, 2011

Date Program Activity Posted Points Posted
8/22/2011 US Airways Dividend Miles Answered trivia at Audience Rewards 12 8/29/2011
8/22/2011 Delta SkyMiles Answered trivia at Audience Rewards 10 8/29/2011
8/19/2011 American Airlines AAdvantage Dined for $11.50 @ 3/$ 34 8/30/2011
8/26/2011 Delta SkyMiles Dined for $11.50 @ 3/$ 34 8/30/2011
8/31/2011 Wells Fargo Rewards Redeemed for $200 Visa gift card, $25 Visa gift card, 2x $5 Amazon
-24,350 8/31/2011
8/31/2011 Priority Club Rewards Topguest checkins 250 8/31/2011

Program Changes During August, 2011

Program Change Notes
American Airlines AAdvantage +34
Delta SkyMiles +44
Priority Club Rewards +250
US Airways Dividend Miles +12
Wells Fargo Rewards -24,350 Cashed out due to changes in program

Pending Points From August, 2011

Date Program Activity Pending Points Due By Notes
8/29/2011 Delta SkyMiles Watched 1-minute Bose Video for 150 miles 150 10/24/2011 Should post by
8/29/2011 Delta SkyMiles Dined for $24 @ 3/$ + 1000-mile “First Dine’s a Charm” bonus 1,072 10/24/2011 Should post by
8/30/2011 American Airlines AAdvantage Spent $10 in dining program @ 5/$ 50 10/25/2011 Should post by
8/30/2011 Delta SkyMiles Answered trivia at Audience Rewards 10 10/25/2011 Should post by
8/31/2011 US Airways Dividend Miles Answered trivia at Audience Rewards 12 10/26/2011 Should post by

  1. #1 by Anonymous on January 4, 2012 - 6:14 am

    Where do you go to answer trivia with “Audience Rewards” and to watch the “Bose video?” I don’t see any options like these to earn extra Delta Sky Miles at the Delta Sky Miles webiste.


    • #2 by cdmoye on January 4, 2012 - 8:46 am

      Hello and welcome!

      You can answer the audience rewards trivia for Delta here. You can find the answers to the latest Delta questions here. I post new answers for Delta, US Airways and Starwood when I see new questions.

      As for the Bose video, that promotion is over. The site that used to host it is now running a promotion that gives you 2 SkyMiles per dollar for buying Bose products. That’s less appealing 🙂

      Delta is one of the frequent flyer programs that I put effort into getting miles for. So, any time that I see a good promotion, or a way to get cheap/free/easy miles, you should see a posting.


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