Virgin America Unveils Plans for Next Gen In-Flight Entertainment

I saw an article on Mashable today that outlined Virgin America‘s upcoming plans for their in-flight entertainment system. I have to say, it sounded pretty impressive. jetBlue has a bit of a reputation for a great cabin experience. But this should put VX into contention (as if they already weren’t). The new system, according to the article, will sport HD touchscreen seatback monitors that allow passengers to connect their own electronics devices pre-flight, in-flight, or post-flight. This will be ideal for those of us carrying smaller media players for our in-flight entertainment. We should be able to connect those devices to a larger screen without losing any definition.

In addition, if the vision plays out, the seatback devices will have full Wi-Fi capability offering web browsing, facebook and Twitter applications, as well as other social networking features. I, for one, am interested in flying VX once the new Red rolls out late next year.

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