Grand Slam Hits Days 1-2 (Hits 1-10)

Here are my first 10 Grand Slam Hits and stats:


  • Twitter promo for 500 miles + GS Hit for tweet of picture at a baseball game
  • Magazines for Miles subscription to Inc. (-500 miles)
  • Work-related Amazon purchase
  • Transfer 1,500 SPG points to US Airways at a ratio of 1:1


  • Purchased a $10 Carino’s gift certificate via (via Thanks Again) for $1.75 using SAVOR promo code.
  • Bought a 4 pack of AA batteries from SkyMall for $11.14 (shipping was crazy,  but I saved 20% using code RTLMD as suggested on Mileage Saver).
  • Bought Anna’s Trial Size Assortment from Biscoff for $13.47 (thanks, Mommy Points for the tip!)
  • Bought Set of 2 Lenox Pierced Ribbon Votives from 800 Flowers for $13.99


  • Performed 3 searches using Dividend Miles toolbar
  • Swapped 3 Best Buy RewardZone points to US Airways Dividend Miles at a 3:1 ratio from

So far, my total outlay has been $40.35. (I’m not counting the reimbursed expense from Amazon.) I’ve generated 10 hits for 11,840 miles for that (really 12,340, but I subtracted 500 for the magazine subscription). That works out to 0.34 cents per mile. The next 2 hits should be relatively free, so hopefully that CPM will go even lower. I have at least 6 more hits planned, but I’m sure I’ll go for more than that. This promo is fun! 🙂


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