Priority Club Guaranteed Availability Platinum Benefit

I have an upcoming trip to Prague and will be spending a portion of my time at the Crowne Plaza Prague taking advantage of the most recent Priority Club Point Break list. The problem is that for one of the nights, there is no posted availability for the hotel. As a Platinum Elite with Priority Club, I get a benefit known as “Guaranteed” Availability. I put quotes around that because, as it turns out, it’s not guaranteed in the since that “you will get it for sure.” It’s guaranteed in the sense that “if you don’t get it, we’ll through some points your way or something.”

The process is basically this, you call Priority Club and invoke the benefit. They call the GM for the hotel and the GM makes it happen or doesn’t. My experience, supported by The Points Guy recently, is that you’ll get the room, but it will take a lot of time on hold and waiting for the GM to be available.

One odd side-effect is that the confirmation number is a hotel confirmation number, not a Priority Club confirmation number. They assured me that my points will post (which is important, as I’m using it for a Grand Slam hit). But rest assured, I will be monitoring that situation 🙂

Stay Tuned!


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