Latest Grand Slam Hit Tally (up to 16)

For today (and yesterday), I have added 2 more hits to take my current total to 14. There are 2 more “in the wings” for next week as upcoming hotel stays.

13. FTD – I ordered a little basket of mini-roses in it. I figured the basket would be handy if nothing else. $39.98

14. OfficeMax – now that they got the participation sorted out, I ordered a recycled pen of some sort. $10.61

With the 2 hotel stays next week, that will bring my total to 16 hits. With a total additional outlay of $90.94 I have picked up 29,033 miles at $0.0031/mile. Note that I said “additional outlay.” By that, I meant that I’m not counting money that I would have spent anyway. I’m only counting money I spent just to participate in the promotion.


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