US Airways/Hawaiian Miles for Amazon Drop in Half

I made a purchase on Amazon last night via the US Airways shopping mall and noticed that the mileage yield is now down from 1 to 0.5 miles per dollar spent. I looked into the Hawaiian Airlines shopping mall to see if their rate had also changed and it had dropped from 2 miles per dollar to 1. Some time back, I wrote a post about using either the US Airways shopping portal, or the Hawaiian Airlines shopping portal when shopping on Amazon. In that post, I suggested using HA. Since the start of the US Airways Grand Slam 2011 promotion, I have been using US Airways to do my Amazon shopping (mostly because I will have a bunch of US Airways miles, so why not pile on and get some good awards?). However, with these changes, I am considering I will be going back to using the HA portal for my Amazon Shopping. Sure, it’s still only half the miles it was before, but I can transfer HA to Hilton HHonors at 2:1 (in groups of 5,000) and at least get 2 HHonors points per Amazon dollar spent. Besides, getting fractional miles is somehow just wrong 🙂


UPDATE: US Airways shopping mall no longer partners with HA is now your only option.


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