Latest Audience Rewards Trivia (08 Nov 2011)

For anyone that does Audience Rewards (either for their points or for partner miles), I’ve decided to start posting the questions and answers as I get them. New questions are posted each week and are typically worth 2 Audience Rewards points + 2 partner points/miles. Occasionally, there is a 20 point/mile question; though it does not appear for everyone and is available only for a short time. So watch out for those :) . This is not a way to gain a bunch of points. It’s like 6-10 per week. But, it is fun tracking down the answers and resets the expiry clock in your mileage programs.



  • (2+2) True or False? The Walter Kerr theatre was built in 60 days. True
  • (2+2) Brooke Shields in from where? New York
  • (2+2) What theatre is Bonnie and Clyde playing at? Schoenfeld
  • (2+2) True or False? Billy Elliot on Broadway won all ten Drama Desk Awards it was nominated for. True
  • (2+2) Seminar is playing at what theatre? Golden Theatre

US Airways:

  • (2+2) Which of the following casts did NOT make a recording of The Lion King? London Cast
  • (2+2) True or False? Brooke Shields has not yet originated a role in a Broadway show. True
  • (2+2) True or False? The original Broadway company’s Jerry Lee Lewis cast member is still in the show Off Broadway. False
  • (2+2) Frank Wildhorn wrote a few songs that appeared in a popular Broadway musical that was not primarily his show. What was that musical? Victor/Victoria
  • (2+2) What is Seminar considered to be? A comedy
  • (2+2) What song in Billy Elliot has a different name in the US productions from what it had in the UK production? He Could Be a Star

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