Quick/Free OneWorld Ruby Status… Probably.

I just read an interesting post over at View from the Wing about Kingfisher Airlines offering free Silver status if you enter the first 6 digits of a qualifying MasterCard. Why in the world is this useful? Well, come 10 February, Kingfisher will be a part of the oneworld alliance (along with American Airlines, British Airways and others). That Silver status with Kingfisher should carry over to Ruby status with oneworld which grants you some Gold benefits with American Airlines (for example). Those benefits include priority boarding, a free checked bag and access to preferred seats among a few others. Not bad for a couple of minutes signing up for a frequent flyer program.

Here is the direct link to the Silver status page (HT to Andy in the comments from the VftW article).


PS. You’ll also get 750 Kingfisher miles for signing up. Just be sure to answer the questions marked with a crown while filling out the form.

*** UPDATE – 14 Feb 12 ***

According to Kingfisher’s website, their association with oneworld has been put on hold while the airline “strengthens its financial position.” Kingfisher is also in trouble for not paying their payroll taxes. So, I’m betting that they’ll not be joining oneworld any time soon and that this backdoor to Ruby status isn’t going to work out… Just sayin’.



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