Latest Audience Rewards Trivia (04 Jan 2012)

Quick note: the rest of the US Airways questions are posted now, so here is an update to yesterday’s posting but with the 4 new answers included.

For anyone that does Audience Rewards (either for their points or for partner miles), I’ve decided to start posting the questions and answers as I get them. New questions are posted each week and are typically worth 2 Audience Rewards points + 2 partner points/miles. Occasionally, there is a 20 point/mile question; though it does not appear for everyone and is available only for a short time. So watch out for those :) . This is not a way to gain a bunch of points. It’s like 6-10 per week. But, it is fun tracking down the answers and resets the expiry clock in your mileage programs.



US Airways:

  • (2+2) True or False? How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was nominated for a Grammy this year. True
  • (2+2) Which of the following movies did Bruce Rubin, the book writer of Ghost, NOT write the script for? Armaggedon
  • (2+2) What Whitney Houston hit song did composer Frank Wildhorn write? Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
  • (2+2) What was the last play to be performed in the New Amsterdam Theatre? Othello
  • (2+2) Which of the following shows did Peter Quilter not write? Shout, the Musical
  • (2+2) At what theatre did Chinglish originate? Goodman Theatre


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