Audience Rewards Sign-Up Bonus (500 points–Enough for a Half-Price Ticket)

For a limited time, Audience Rewards is providing a new member sign-up bonus of 500 points through this link. Audience Rewards is a great program that rewards you for attending theatrical events at venues in 8 US cities (click for map). In addition to gaining points by ticket purchases, you can also answer trivia questions in their PointsPlay trivia game. There is a limit of to how many questions you can attempt each day, but each correct answer earns you about 2 ShowPoints.

You can also participate in PointsPlay for various partner programs (US Airways, Starwood, Delta and Best Buy among others). These trivia questions earn you 2 points in the partner program in addition to the 2 ShowPoints. There are typically 5-6 of these questions per week. Occasionally, there is a 20-point question you can answer to pick up a bigger chunk. These are only available for a certain number of participants each (or for a short time when the questions are reset), so if you see one, jump on it.

You can use the ShowPoints in several ways:

  1. Redeem ShowPoints for event tickets (the values vary, but are typically about 3,000 for an event).
  2. Redeem Cash+ShowPoints for event tickets (again, the values vary, but are typically about 500 + $29) — this is typically the best value.
  3. You can also redeem points for seat upgrades for some events.

All-in-all, it’s a pretty rewarding program, easy to earn points in and allows you to attend events for a reduced cash outlay (or in better seats!). Plus, you can’t beat the 500 ShowPoint sign-up bonus. That’s enough for a ticket that is essentially half-price. Easy lifting for a 5-minute sign up.




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