Trip Report: Palm Springs, CA – Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa: Part 1, Getting There

I visited Palm Springs, CA in late February 2012 on a business trip to attend the Association of Test Publishers Innovations in Testing conference. My week-long trip included four flights on American Airlines, visits to Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), and Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) along with their Admiral’s Club lounges, and a stay at the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa.

I started my day with my travel-day routine of checking to see if there were any changes to my flight itinerary. Fortunately, I do this before I leave the house because I found that my flight had been delayed 45 minutes–that bit of extra early-morning sleep time was precious! After a 30-minute drive to RDU, and a light wait at the security line, I headed to the RDU Admiral’s Club for a quick snack to use as my breakfast substitute. I reviewed the RDU Admiral’s Club in an earlier post, so I’m only going to mention that it was the same experience as usual this time around.

I boarded AA 1041 which left at 8:36am en route to DFW where it arrived just less than 3 hours later. The flight was uneventful and was spent reading the first several chapters of The Hidden Europe by Francis Tapon. (Incidentally, this book is a great read and I plan on featuring a review in an upcoming post, so stay tuned for that.) Once in DFW, I headed to the Admiral’s Club for a bite of lunch (where I have to say, I had a great mushroom/Swiss burger). This lounge was large and well furnished with plenty of semi-private spaces and comfortable seating–in addition to shower facilities, free WiFi–even with no lounge membership (I use my American Express Platinum for lounge access), and a pleasant staff.

DFW Admiral's Club Chairs

DFW Exercise Facilities

After my stay in DFW, I boarded AA 1767 bound for PSP. This was another uneventful flight (the best you can ask for in coach) that also clocked in at just under 3 hours. PSP is quite possibly the most pleasant airport I’ve ever frequented. Being in a desert environment, they are able to have much of the airport design be open-air. There were plants and grassy spaces everywhere, benches to sit upon and even a little playground for the kids. It was absolutely beautiful.

PSP Entrance

PSP Playground

PSP Gate Access

Sonny Bono Concourse

A 30-minute cab ride later, I checked in at the Westin.

Westin Entrance

I will follow this post with 2 more as I get them written. Stay Tuned.

Part 2, Staying There
Upcoming: Part 3, Getting Back


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