Trip Report: Palm Springs, CA – Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa: Part 2, Staying There


I visited Palm Springs, CA in late February 2012 on a business trip to attend the Association of Test Publishers Innovations in Testing conference. My week-long trip included four flights on American Airlines, visits to Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), and Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) along with their Admiral’s Club lounges, and a stay at the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa.

Part 1, Getting There
Upcoming: Part 3, Getting Back

When I arrived at the Westin, I went to the Starwood Gold Preferred check-in desk (which, incidentally, was the only manned desk so it was performing double-duty with non-Elite check-ins). Upon arrival, I was told that my room was not quite ready yet. I got there a bit earlier than anticipated, so this was not unexpected. They informed me that I could check my bags with the bellman at the valet and enjoy the facility while I waited. This seemed a bit extreme since I only had 20 minutes or so to wait until the room was ready, so I asked about it. It turns out that at this property, they shuttle you to your room in a little golf car. It’s primarily a golf resort, and there are several buildings (all about 2 stories) so I thought this was a cool little touch. I walked the 100 yards or so to the bellman, checked my bag and got a phone call that my room was ready and I could come back and check in. I wish I would’ve waited the 2 minutes it apparently took to finish my room. That would’ve saved me a bit of walking… On the bright side, they “upgraded” me to a golf course view room. More on that in a second :).

Westin Entrance

My Room

My room was spacious, well appointed, and nicely decorated in a Southern California style. The view from the window was great. The bathroom had two sinks, a separate water closet, and a Heavenly shower head, so what’s not to love.

View Looking Left

View Looking Right


Shower Head

Now, about that upgrade… As I said, I was upgraded to this golf course view room–which had a great view. The issue? There was a car show going on the weekend that I checked in. There were some pretty amazing cars parked around the property and I was looking forward to taking a closer look on Sunday when the show began in earnest. The show started a little early on Sunday… I know this because a decent bit of it was being conducted on the golf course. Right outside my room. I awoke to the sound of music blaring, engines roaring and an auctioneer. This would have been a concern to several people, and I admit that I had about 15 minutes of annoyance out of it. But, once I got up and around, I appreciated the coolness of being able to watch the cars getting shown off and sold from my patio. So again, I thought it was cool. YMMV :).

Cool Car

Car Show

The Westin Mission Hills Spa and Resort is a very nice property and was a pleasure to call my home for the week. Here are some more great pictures that I snapped while there.


My Building

Walking Path



Another Path

I will follow this post with 1 more when I get it written. Stay Tuned.


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