Latest Audience Rewards Trivia (29 Mar 2012)

For anyone that does Audience Rewards (either for their points or for partner miles), I’ve decided to start posting the questions and answers as I get them. New questions are posted each week and are typically worth 2 Audience Rewards points + 2 partner points/miles. Occasionally, there is a 20 point/mile question; though it does not appear for everyone and is available only for a short time. So watch out for those. This is not a way to gain a bunch of points. It’s like 6-10 per week. But, it is fun tracking down the answers and resets the expiry clock in your mileage programs.

In addition, for a limited time, Audience Rewards is providing a new member sign-up bonus of 500 points through this link.


  • The director of the current revival of Evita is also the artistic director of what theatre? Donmar Warehouse
  • All but which of the following people appeared in the movie version of Newsies? Val Kilmer
  • Dave Stewart of the Ghost writing team worked with what 80’s group? Eurythmics
  • A cover of what Four Seasons song was on pop radio stations in the last few years? Beggin’
  • What’s the name of the song/dance that Roxie and Velma perform at the end of Chicago? Hot Honey Rag

Starwood: (NEW!)

  • What is the name of the Mother Superior’s song in Act II of Sister Act? Haven’t Got a Prayer
  • What song’s reprise ends the musical version of Once? Falling Slowly
  • What character sings the opening song in Jesus Christ Superstar? Judas
  • How many people are on stage during Rated P for Parenthood? 4
  • Andrew Keenan-Bolger, of Newsies, is a co-founder of what web series? Submissions Only

US Airways:

  • In How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, what is JB Biggley’s secret hobby? Knitting
  • Which of the following shows has Kristin Blodgette not worked on? Billy Elliot
  • What theatre is Jesus Christ Superstar playing at? Neil Simon Theatre
  • Rated P For Parenthood marks how many shows Courtney Balan has been a part of at the Westside Theatre? 3
  • True or False? While Disney is involved with the stage musical version of Newsies, it was not involved in the movie version. False
  • What is Molly’s last name in Ghost? Jensen


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