Priority Club PointBreak List Today = Unexpected Score!

Priorty Club has an outstanding deal on select hotels that are updated each quarter. Instead of the typical rates for those hotels (often 25,000 points), the rate for a free night is, instead, 5,000 points. I took advantage of this offer at the Crowne Plaza Prague back in September and it was astounding the value that I could get for my 5,000 points (which, to put it into perspective, can be bought for as little as $30 or obtained free by entering 534 Coke lid codes at and redeeming them for PC points).

I saw on MommyPoints that the updated list was posted today and, lo and behold, I’m able to take advantage again! I have an upcoming stay at the Crowne Plaza Miami International Airport that I booked for 15,000 points + $60 (or 25,000 points). I called Priority Club today and they cancelled my reservation and replaced it with a 5,000 point reservation for a savings of 20,000 points. The phone call had a pretty lengthy hold time given the posting of the PointBreak list today (about 30 minutes total for the phone call), but that’s completely worth 20,000 points to me.

Incidentally, I learned an interesting lesson during my stay at the Crowne Plaza Prague. As I’m sure you’re aware, Priority Club does not provide elite benefits on rewards stays–even for Platinum elites like me. When I was booking this stay, I was told that there was no availability for the first night (well, for one of the rooms–I needed 2). So, I used my Platinum elite status to force availability which required me to pay for one room that first night, but made the property an option for my stay. The best side effect of this was that all of my Platinum elite benefits (upgrade to executive level, bonus points, etc.) now applied to both rooms. This turned out to be a great windfall. Not only did I get the 5,000 point rate, I got all of my benefits!


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