Up to 1,500 Bonus Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles for a $35 Purchase

I just received an email from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club detailing a promotion whereby you will receive 1,000 bonus miles by making a $35 purchase from their online shopping portal, Shops Away. Presumably, there is a similar offer for UK members. The text of the promotion is as follows:

Shops Away is our online shopping portal; it takes you straight to hundreds of our shopping partners, letting you earn miles on every $1 you spend. And now you’ll earn a 1,000 mile bonus when you try it out.

Spend between $35 and $1000 on your very first purchase between March 30 and April 30, 2012 with big names including Apple Store, Barnes & Noble, Sears.com, Shoebuy and Macy’s and we’ll add 1,000 bonus miles.+

And don’t forget, everything you buy through Shops Away earns you miles. So by adding a couple of clicks you can help bring your next holiday a little closer.

The main text of the email doesn’t mention it, but in the T&C they call out another 250 miles for downloading their toolbar and another 250 when you purchase via the toolbar. The full T&C text follows (some emphasis mine), but that sounds to me like 1,500 for downloading the toolbar and making a $35 purchase through it.

Terms & Conditions:

For information about the rates, fees, other costs, and benefits associated with the use of this card or to apply, click on the link above. This Credit Card program is issued and administered by FIA Card Services, N.A. American Express is a federally registered service mark of American Express and is used by the issuer pursuant to a license. Virgin Atlantic Airways is a registered trademark of Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited and is used by the issuer pursuant to license.

+ The 1,000 bonus miles offer is valid between March 30, 2012 and April 30, 2012 on your first purchase when spending a minimum of $35 and up to $1,000. This offer is only valid with the following selected retailers Apple Store, Barnes & Noble, Sears.com, Shoebuy and Macy’s. Bonus miles are only offered once.

2. Flying Club miles will not be awarded on the purchase of gift vouchers or on taxes and/or delivery charges.

3. Flying Club miles are only awarded on purchases made online with third party retailers featured on the Flying Club Online Shopping site accessed through the Shops Away Mile Finder or the “Shop Now” button shown when you are logged into your account.

4. Tier points will not be awarded for any purchase.

5. Your standard mile earning will be credited to your Flying Club account within 40 days from purchase. Please allow up to 50 days from the date of purchase for any promotional miles to be credited to your account. If miles have not been credited within 40 days (or 50 days for promotional miles), please fill out the missing miles claim form which can be accessed by clicking on “My Shopping History” on the Online Shopping page.

6. You have up to 90 days to make a claim for missing miles. All claims are resolved by us at our sole discretion.

7. We reserve the right to cancel any Flying Club miles awarded to you in respect of a purchase which you subsequently cancel.

Shops Away Mile Finder
1. Receive 250 Flying Club miles when you download the Shops Away Mile Finder for the first time and from March 30 – April 30, 2012 another 250 miles on your first purchase made through the Mile Finder in this period.

2. One time only bonus for members who have not downloaded the Mile Finder before.

3. We reserve the right to remove the download bonus of 250 miles if you subsequently uninstall the Mile Finder.

If you read that closely, you’ll see that the list of participating vendors is pretty small at 5 vendors, and that they’ll take back 250 miles if you uninstall the Mile Finder, so be careful with that.




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