Daily Getaways Promo from AmEx and US Travel Association

American Express and the US Travel Association are teaming up to bring us some pretty great deals for a limited time starting next week. Each day there will be a limited quantity of a particular deal that you will be able to buy if you jump on it. Starting this week, they’re previewing some of the deals.

The first deal is 10,000 Priority Club points for $67. That’s $0.067 per point which is about half of what they regularly sell for. And, incidentally, $0.007 more than the rate you can get if you “take advantage” of their cancellation policy on cash+points reservations. In addition, you can use any American Express card to get an extra 10% off. That brings the cost down to $0.061 and saves you $6.70.

I think I’ll try for this one. Incidentally, if you “Like” InterContinental Hotels & Resorts on facebook, they’re going to post a code at noon ET allowing you to order the deal early. It won’t be publicly available until an hour later. The preorder quantity is limited to 130 and the total is limited to 650. Like I said, if you want it, get in early 🙂



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