First (Partial) Day in Paris

I will write a more thorough beginning to the trip report in the next day or two, but for the bottom-line-up-front, we had a remarkably easy time given the complexity of our route and the number of people involved. We took RDU->DCA->MIA and overnighted there, then flew MIA->MAD->ORY on a red-eye last night. We took a taxi to our hotel–which was a feat on its own with 5 people and associated luggage.

Today was mostly a recovery day (thanks to commenter Luke H. for the tip!) which consisted of heading over to a commercial centre (3-story mall) adjacent to the hotel to do some wandering and have an early dinner, then picking up some necessities at the Carrefour in the same mall. For me, Carrefour was interesting. It was the first two-story supermarket I’ve been in–complete with an angled moving sidewalk to get you and your shopping cart to the different levels.

The real trip starts tomorrow with a walking tour of downtown and Easter mass at Notre Dame. We are interested to hear/see the ringing of Le Gros Bourdon (the fat bumblebee).

The next post will include a more thorough trip report and some pictures.


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