Latest Audience Rewards Trivia (21 May 2012)

Note: Sorry again for the lack of traffic. My PhD written qualifier exam is Friday. Expect a resumption of vigor next week! Also, we had a fun little zip-lining tour yesterday. I’ll do a mini trip report on that this week if I get a chance.

For anyone that does Audience Rewards (either for their points or for partner miles), I’ve post the questions and answers as I get them. New questions are posted each week and are typically worth 2 Audience Rewards points + 2 partner points/miles. Occasionally, there is a 20 point/mile question; though it does not appear for everyone and is available only for a short time. So watch out for those. This is not a way to gain a bunch of points. It’s like 10-12 per week. But, it is fun tracking down the answers and resets the expiry clock in your mileage programs.

In addition, for a limited time, Audience Rewards is providing a new member sign-up bonus of 500 250 points through this link. Note, I’ll leave this comment in each post until someone lets me know it’s no longer working.

Delta (NEW!):

  • In How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Hedy LaRue is who? Biggley’s mistress
  • The Banks family lives on what street in Mary Poppins? Cherry Tree Lane
  • What city has The Lion King NOT performed in? Sao Paolo
  • Which of the following songs by The Four Seasons isn’t featured in Jersey Boys? Marlena
  • True or False? Peter and the Starcatcher is based on a book of the same title. False

Starwood (NEW!):

  • Voca People markets itself mostly as what? A musical event
  • What song is Frankie Valli asked to sing by an important NJ gangstar in the early scenes of Jersey Boys? My Mother’s Eyes
  • How many Tony Awards did the current revival of Chicago win? 6
  • At what theatre does War Horse play? Vivien Beaumont Theatre
  • What height is the tallest animal in The Lion King stage production? 18

US Airways (NEW!):

  • Nina Arianda grew up partly in what country other than the USA? Germany
  • The Araca Group is a production and general management company that got their start with what musical? Urinetown
  • In what theatre did The Lion King originally open on Broadway? The New Amsterdam
  • A song from Memphis was on an album released in 2004 by what well-known band? Bon Jovi
  • By the finale of Jersey Boys, which of the following of the original  members has passed away, according to their final moments in the show? Nick Massi
  • What soap opera did Tammy Blanchard, of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, begin her film/tv career on? Guiding Light


  1. #1 by Jenny on May 21, 2012 - 5:49 pm

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

    • #2 by cdmoye on May 22, 2012 - 4:02 pm

      I’m glad to help!

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