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I’m Officially Back!

A whole lot of life has kept me from being as active posting over the last few weeks, and for that I apologize. However, there has been PhD qualifying exam prep (although the exam itself was rescheduled), a job change, and now a pending move. All that said, however, I should be back to regular posts now–starting with my “May in Review” post which immediately preceeded this one.

I just completed my Radisson stay for the Big Night Giveaway, so there will be a quick report of that. In addition, the promised Carolina Ziplines mini-trip report will finally be posted (complete with photos and, hopefully, some video).

Much more to follow!


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Sorry for the Quiet…

Sorry it’s been so quiet for the past week or so. I have my PhD written exam coming up and have been working on that. Also, there have been a couple of issues that have taken up almost all of my energy and time. Hopefully, those things are quieting down now, and I can get back to my posting schedule. Until then, get out there and use some of those miles that you’ve earned!

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Loyalty Plan Tracking Spreadsheet

Since my interview posted on Million Mile Secrets, I’ve had several requests to share my spreadsheet for managing my loyalty plans. I’ve attached it to this blog post for you to try. If you like it, great. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Loyalty Plans Template


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300 La Quinta Returns Points

You can get 300 La Quinta Returns points for registering to receive their newsletter at this link. La Quinta is an interesting rewards program in that… well, actually, it’s not really. BUT, they do historically participate as a Grand Slam partner for US Airways. So, as such, earning points in their loyalty plan is a useful activity.

As a side note, I signed up for La Quinta Returns in order to participate in this promotion. The site let me register and gave me an account number, but I couldn’t log in with it. Instead, I got a message letting me know that “The system is currently unavailable. Please call 1-855-932-3777 for assistance. (SYS84).” In addition, this kept me from clicking the link to participate in the promotion. I’ll try again tomorrow, but YMMV.

Update: I tried it again and it worked fine. It looks like whatever troubles they were having are over. You should be good to go!


HT: Just Another Points Traveler (who also mentions, in the same post, a promotion for SPG where you may get 500 SPG points for declining room cleaning).



Upcoming Posts

I’ve been away on travel for the past week in beautiful Palm Springs, CA, so there have been no updates in that time. Coming over the next several days, there will be the following posts:

  1. Trip Report: Greensboro, NC – Airport Marriott Greensboro/Center for Creative Leadership
  2. Trip Report: Palm Springs, CA – American Airlines/Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa
  3. Book Review: The first 300 pages of The Hidden Europe by Francis Tapon

In addition my regular posts, over the next 30 days, there should be two additional Trip Reports (Washington, DC – Westin Alexandria; and Paris, France – American Airlines/Undetermined Hotel) and the Book Review for the last 400 pages of The Hidden Europe.

Stay Tuned!

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New Theme

While doing my January In Review post, I noticed that my tables were not behaving well. It appears to have been a limitation of the width associated with my theme, so I have changed the theme. If you don’t like this one, please let me know what it is that you don’t like and I’ll see what I can do.

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Regular Updates to Resume Tomorrow

Sorry for the downtime. I’ve been traveling on business and had a very hectic schedule while I was out. Regular updates to resume tomorrow starting with:

  • Trip Report for travel to Greensboro (Center for Creative Leadership)
  • January 2012 In Review (I think I came in close to 100,000 miles/points in January … see how!)

See everyone tomorrow!

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