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Paris in the Springtime

I am taking a family vacation to Paris over the Easter break. Me, my wife, our 2 oldest daughters (13 and 10) and my mother–who has never been out of the US. We are staying for 8 nights (and yes, we have 2 hotel rooms!). Apart from the obvious, what should we make sure to see/do while we’re there? Any and all tips are appreciated!

Incidentally, my mother will serve as an in-transit babysitter, so my wife and I will have the ability to do things sans the rest of the clan as well. Feel free to leave comments for everyone to benefit, or to send me private messages if you don’t want the comment to be public.



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New Theme

While doing my January In Review post, I noticed that my tables were not behaving well. It appears to have been a limitation of the width associated with my theme, so I have changed the theme. If you don’t like this one, please let me know what it is that you don’t like and I’ll see what I can do.

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I’m Planning a Vegas Trip for December… Tips?

I’m going to Las Vegas in a couple of months and have never been. If you have tips to offer up, I’d love to hear them. My current plans are to use my $100 fare discount code from AA that I picked up yesterday, and stay about a block off the strip in Starwood property (like the Westin Casuarina), or on the strip in an Intercontinental property (like The Palazzo or The Venetian). The draw of the latter is that AA  is running a promotion for those two properties for 5,000 bonus miles. The catch with that is you have to stay 4 nights and I’m thinking 3 is the right length. Is it worth paying for that 4th night just for the bonus? Probably… Also, this may be an obvious question, but what are some things that I “should not miss” while I’m out there?


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